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Our services, coupled with our innovative marketing strategy, tailor your website to generate relevant, quality leads, with most convenient user experience ever. Our experts use all possible legal methods to adapt your website to the ever changing trends and challenges of online business ventures.

Our Clients

Vandort: Real Estate Management & Sales/ Dubai, UAE

10 Times More Leads with iSEEQ

Use to avg. 8 sign ups & 11 direct email requests a day
NOW we avg. 750 sign ups & 140 direct email requests a day on iSEEQ Solution

1000% More Leads & 1272% More Email Requests since converting to iSEEQ

"The back end system of lead follow up is well organized and user friendly. The Agents assignment is flexible, reminders are easy to set up, and agents can easily see how the prospect is searching. The administrator also has enough tools to keep track of leads and follow up as needed. I recommend this to any broker/agent who is looking to increase internet leads and lead conversions."

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Leather4Sure: Garments E-commerce Company/ London, UK

9.5 Times More Leads with iSEEQ

We were lucky if we got 15-20 sale leads monthly on the old solution
NOW we avg. 1400+ sale leads on iSEEQ Solution

950% increase in leads since converting to iSEEQ

"The sites are very flexible and easy to use when adding new pages plus the back-end lead management system just rocks! I am able to have the leads coming in and assign them to my agents. My agents are able to see what the users are searching for, schedule follow ups, do advanced searches of their leads plus many other great things to stay in contact with them.. Best of all the sites are very clean and easy to search, which my users love!"
Sherry Spencer

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Testking: Test Prep Solutions, Language Training / Bristol UK

4.6 Times More Leads with iSEEQ

The site used to avg. 600 sign ups a monthly on a custom solution
NOW we avg. 2800 sign ups a month on iSEEQ Solution.

460% increase since converting to iSEEQ

"iSEEQ customised web site is a fantastic solution for generating high traffic and serious inquiries from students all over the World. In addition, the lead management system integrated into the website, there are some great features like: a user friendly interface, automatic follow-up notification, and new lead generation and distribution through a customized tracking system. iSEEQ has provided a service which is instrumental in our continued success"
Sam Horner

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